Camp provides a tremendous opportunity for fun.

Thank you to the amazing Oconto staff for making camp such a joyful, fun, silly, wonderful experience! At the best of times, Camp provides a tremendous opportunity for fun, connection and growth. And during these times, which have been lonely and challenging for our kids, the importance of camp was intensified, and the benefits felt even more profoundly… my daughter came home full of happiness. She is sharing stories of delight, new experiences and new friendships. She is expressing feelings of strength and confidence. She spoke so highly of all of the staff she interacted with, especially her counsellor. She spoke of their kindness and their fun attitude…From the moment we reached out to the camp, to the time we picked our daughter up at the bus we were impressed with how well the camp was organized, the contagious optimism, and the expression of confidence that camp could be run safely with the right precautions in place. My sense is that both parents and campers found reassurance in Oconto’s approach.


– Sarah

Oconto Camper Parent
Rich in history and traditions


I am ever grateful for the leadership skills I learned during my summers on Eagle Lake. My life would not have been nearly as happy and successful as it has been without them.


– Fran

Oconto Alumna

I am forever grateful for my summers spent at Camp Oconto.

They taught me independence and confidence from a young age and instilled in me a deep love of nature that I still carry with me today.


– Julia

Past Camper & Staff and Oconto Alumna

Camp Oconto has made a difference in the life of my girls.

Oconto has made my girls feel like value added. That is a true gift for success in life. The gift of seeing the goodness in each and every one of us.


– Emma

Camper Parent & Oconto Alumna

She is confident, full of stories, and so, so happy.

I wanted to take a moment and thank the whole Oconto team for providing my daughter with such a wonderful camp experience… My daughter came back from her session feeling like she’d aged a full year! She was confident, full of stories, and so, so happy. She spoke about trying hard in her first-ever swim test, riding on a bunch of different boats, archery, rock climbing, arts and crafts, how she had a choice at bedtime between a high-five and a hug (smart) but mostly wanted hugs, how she had the best grilled cheese she’s ever had, tried a guitar, and the song (Yakkity Sax?) is now on constant repeat around here. Thank you Oconto- I am overjoyed. I’d send her back tomorrow if I could!


– Jessey

Oconto Camper Parent

Oconto provided the opportunity to develop skills beyond the normal reach of a city kid. Nocking an arrow in archery, righting a sailboat, jumping a fence on a horse… as every Oconto camper knows, the opportunities to learn new and unique things are boundless…


– Genn

Oconto Parent and Alumna

Camp Oconto is a long-time, family run business. It is steeped in traditional camp routines, songs and activities. The young counsellors bring contemporary ideas, music and jargon and the mix is a winning combination.


– Lisa

Oconto CAMPER Parent

15 years of camp and 20 years later as a mom and teachers assistant I am still pulling tricks from my “tickle-trunk” that I learned at Camp Oconto. My years spent at camp have been the best pre-requisite for being a parent. In the words of June Labbett, “if it’s not fun, forget it.”


– Signe

Oconto Alumna

New memories, new friends, new perspectives and new skills

The first time our 13 year old went to real overnight camp, it was for a month at Camp Oconto. We didn’t know how it would all unfold. I have nothing but thanks and admiration for the entire management and staff at Oconto: it was a fantastic experience for our child – the best summer in their life so far, in their own words. New memories, new friends, new perspectives and new skills – and that is the tip of the iceberg. Camp Oconto, we will be back.


– Frances

Oconto Camper Parent

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