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The counsellor-in-training program at Oconto is a
two-year program for girls sixteen and seventeen years of age
who wish to become a full staff member at Camp Oconto.

Year 1

(Four Week Quarter Counsellor Program):

In the first year of the program, as long as they have achieved their “Basic C” in canoeing, each sixteen-year-old girl attends camp for one month.

During this four-week session the Quarter Counsellor (Q.C.) concentrates on her leadership skills and improving in the activity that she wishes to teach as a counsellor. During this time she is working with the campers under the close supervision of a counsellor.

Year 2

(Nine Week Semi Counsellor Program):

In the second year of the program, as long as they have achieved their “Basic D” in canoeing, each seventeen- year-old girl attends camp for nine weeks.

Over these two months the time is spent learning how to demonstrate and teach her individual activities. Under the supervision of a senior staff member, the Semi Counsellor (Semi) becomes jointly responsible for a group of four to eight campers, an integral part of her summer leadership training. The second year C.I.T., also known as a Semi Counsellor, is given an honorarium at the completion of the summer.


Who are the Q.C. and Semi Program Directors?

The person in charge of each program is carefully selected. Typically, she is a staff member who has been coming to camp for a long period of time. Usually, she has been a Section Head and therefore has been in a position of leadership. Past Q.C. and Semi Directors at Oconto have been school teachers, doctors, post-graduate students, or other qualified leaders.

What are the Basic C and Basic D levels in canoeing?

The “Basic” levels are part of the Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association’s flat-water canoeing levels. We offer levels A through D as part of our canoeing program at camp but they can also be achieved at most Canoe Schools across Ontario. As canoeing is an integral part of our camp, we feel it is very important that our aspiring counsellors have in-depth knowledge of canoeing. Campers are encouraged to earn their levels as early as possible, and Q.C.s and Semis are required to complete levels C and D respectively before entering the program.