Counsellor in Training

The counsellor-in-training program at Oconto is a two-year program for girls sixteen and seventeen years of age who wish to become a full staff member at Camp Oconto.

Rich in history and traditions

Year 1

(Four Week Quarter Counsellor Program):

In the first year of the program, as long as they have achieved their “Basic C” in canoeing, each sixteen-year-old girl attends camp for one month.

During this four-week session the Quarter Counsellor (Q.C.) concentrates on her leadership skills and improving in the activity that she wishes to teach as a counsellor. During this time she is working with the campers under the close supervision of a counsellor.

Year 2

(Nine Week Semi Counsellor Program):

In the second year of the program, as long as they have achieved their “Basic D” in canoeing, each seventeen- year-old girl attends camp for nine weeks.

Over these two months the time is spent learning how to demonstrate and teach her individual activities. Under the supervision of a senior staff member, the Semi Counsellor (Semi) becomes jointly responsible for a group of four to eight campers, an integral part of her summer leadership training. The second year C.I.T., also known as a Semi Counsellor, is given an honorarium at the completion of the summer.

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