Work Camp: Making Camp Beautiful One Leaf At A Time

If you thought camp looks like it does in the summer all year round, you are in for a surprise! A group of staff members arrive up at Oconto the first weekend of May every year for 2 months of hard work in order for camp to look like camp. This is what we call WORK CAMP.

What does work camp entail? I’ll let this year’s work camp staff tell you! Take a look at the video below for a short peek at what work camp is all about!

There is LOTS to be done during the springtime! From raking all the leaves and staining buildings to taking the tin off zebos and cleaning every cabin; the work camp staff are always busy and working hard!

            Big thanks to our work camp staff every year for making camp what it is in the summer! You gals ROCK! This summers staff included: Emily Pepper, Katie Scott, Emma Kinsella, Maddy Horne, Gill Bevan, Brooklyn Colborne, Lani Macdonald, Tess Sutherland, Emily Lobb, Emily Mihalcin, Kate Lahaie, Ali Wyatt, Shannon Stride, Hales Carter, Ella Foss, Jenna Janiac, Danny-Mae Toon, and Michaela Bray.