Q&A Performing at Camp Edition: Erika Munz

Meet Erika Munz! Erika was a Semi in 2016 and has found a home performing songs on the Oconto stage with camp friends and now with her own campers as well. We’ve asked Erika a few questions below about her experience at Oconto and advice for anyone looking to perform.

How long have you been going to Oconto and what keeps you coming back?
This year I will be spending my 8th summer at Oconto. Oconto has truly become my second home. Each year I am drawn back to the incredibly welcoming, fun, positive and caring environment that is Oconto. At camp, I have met some of the most genuine, goofy and compassionate people, who I am so thankful to call my bestfriends. Each year that I return is an opportunity to meet more amazing people, try new things, learn about myself and positively influence others.
Which all camp evening is your favourite: Sunday evening concert or Thursday night Campfire? why?
 Sunday Evening Concert! I love watching all of the fun and creative acts – especially if there are costumes involved.  It’s so fun to see campers on stage just being themselves and having a great time!
Do you enjoy performing at Sunday Evening Concert  and campfire? why?
I love performing at camp! I have never found a more supportive and caring audience then at Oconto. I first began performing at camp as an Int and remember feeling overwhelmed by all of the love and support I received from both campers and staff. No matter where I perform, Oconto always cheers the loudest!
Erika, Charlotte and Lucie singing and chapel

Erika, Charlotte and Lucie singing and chapel

If you could sing any song on the “Oconto Stage” what would it be and why?
I would sing Travelin’ Soldier by the Dixie Chicks. The first time I sang it at camp was in Seniors 2013, since then it has become my signature song and makes an appearance each summer!
Any words of advise to campers who want to perform at Sunday Evening Concert or campfire but may be shy?
You can do it!! Everyone at camp wants you to be yourself and succeed! Camp is the perfect place to try new things and build your confidence. You will do great no matter what!
Anything to add?
Camp has definitely had the biggest influence on my confidence and allowed me to become more outgoing and comfortable performing! Thank you Oconto for the constant encouragement and support!
Enjoy Erika’s cover of ‘Travelin’ Soldier’ below performed on the porch of The Four Seasons!