Oconto FIVE: Packing Edition

The wait is almost over; camp is around the corner! Everyone has the same struggle before they head off to camp: ‘What do I pack/How do I pack?!’ Hopefully with these FIVE helpful tips we can turn that struggle into a breeze!

1. Use our PACKING LIST– Our packing list is printable and can easily be taped to the inside of a trunk for reference while you pack for camp as well for when you are packing to go home. Whether you follow our packing list exactly or not, it is a good base to start from. It even has convenient check boxes for you to mark off what and how much of each thing you have!


2. Label ALL of your belongings!– This is perhaps one of the most important thing to do when going to camp. Especially your Oconto paraphernalia since everyone else will have the same ones! At the end of camp we have so many lost and found items that aren’t claimed and that we can’t return because there are no names. We recommend using Mabels Labels, which is a fun easy way to personalize your name labels.


3. Bring OLD clothes – At camp we spend most of our time outside and in nature; occasionally there are impromptu mud splashing fights and accidental paint spillage! Camp is not a place for brand new clothes if you don’t want them to come back with a potential stain on them. By bringing old clothes or clothes you don’t care about, it allows you to play, splash and spill WHEREVER you please without the worry of ruining your clothing.


4. Avoid OVER packing – We are all guilty of this whether we admit it or not. You could be completely finished packing and see that favorite t-shirt and put it in your bag. Well, 20 favorite t-shirts later and you’ve ended up packing your whole closet! Before you start packing decide on a number for each article of clothing and STICK TO IT. While zebos and cabins do have some shelving areas, keep in mind it is a shared space so it is best to keep it light and organized.


5. Strategic packing – There are many ways to pack strategically to maximize space and keep your bag organized. There is a long debate about which is better, rolling versus folding clothes. Why not do both? With your bigger bulkier items try the folding approach, and with your smaller thinner items try the rolling approach. Items like sweatpants and sweatshirts will actually compress more flat folded, and by rolling items like t-shirts and shorts you can maximize space by fitting them in smaller spaces. Separate your underwear, socks and bathing suits so they are easier access if you don’t unpack right away at camp.


Hopefully, this will help you all when packing for camp! With only a few days left till campers arrive we are beyond excited for everyone to get here!