A word from your Senior section head RONNIE

Camp is coming up and I know this summer is going to be great! There’s a lot to look forward to and so many memories to make!

First year seniors, you guys must be pumped! How sweet is it to be in the oldest section and be role models and older sisters to all the other sections? Seniors is an amazing experience with loads of new challenges and team building.

Second year seniors, words can’t describe how happy I am to see your smiling faces! This is your year, the last hurrah. That means it’s time to enjoy every aspect of camp but also remember to complete your Basic C in Canoeing so you can come kick it as a QC!

Being in seniors, you’re all pretty lucky to have the chance to do certain activities that may not be allowed for other sections. There are many opportunities to try new things whether you love a good tie-dye day at A&C or you’re a canoeing Queen. If you’re up for the challenge, you can sign up for Bronze Med or Bronze Cross. This is a great way to learn life saving skills with the best teachers and with all your friends! This is also one step closer to getting your NLS and becoming a Camp Oconto lifeguard! Being in the lake sure beats taking lessons in a pool during the colder months!

As seniors, you have the chance to be one with nature by signing up for trip. There are many choices for trip whether it be a couple of nights or a full on five-day adventure in Algonquin Park! I absolutely recommend some type of trip this summer, regardless of the length!

Seniors is the perfect recipe for a staff member in training. A touch of laughter and fun with a sprinkle of leadership and responsibility, and voila! In a year or two QC’s will be calling your name!

Get ready to have the best summer of your lives, see you soon!