We are excited to have your daughter join us at Oconto and we are honoured that you have given us the responsibility of taking care of your child. We will be sure to keep her safe and happy! We will help her be independent, have fun, learn new skills, and make lifelong friends. The lessons she will learn at camp will stay with her forever.

To help you get organized for camp you will receive the Important Camper Information Bulletin via email prior to departure time.

In the meantime, we have assembled booklets for both new campers and for the parents of new campers. Both booklets are designed to answer the most common questions that we are asked about preparing for camp.

We have also provided you with our recommended packing list. We recommend that whenever possible you send old or worn out clothing to camp. Please don’t buy brand new clothes, as we encourage girls to play freely and can’t guarantee that they will come home without stains! All clothing should be marked with your daughter’s first and last name in permanent marker. Please leave all valuables and electronics at home – your daughter won’t need them at camp!


parents-new-camper-booklet-camp-oconto PARENTS OF NEW CAMPERS BOOKLET
new-camper-booklet-camp-oconto NEW CAMPER BOOKLET
packing-list-camp-oconto CAMP PACKING LIST

New Camper Booklet
Parents of a New Camper Booklet
Clothing & Accessories Packing List for Camp