Camp Oconto Boasts a 4 to 1 Camper to Counsellor Ratio!

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All of our staff members
are carefully selected for their compassion for children, and their desire to help young girls
grow in all ways.


Counsellors are chosen for
their leadership qualities and maturity, the skills they can offer, and their experience working with young people.


Counsellors teach a particular activity and must have
the necessary qualifications appropriate for the activity.


Most of our staff members have been campers themselves for several years at Oconto.

An Experienced and Prepared Team!

All of our camp counsellors are in their eighteenth year or older and most have completed our two-year counsellor-in-training program (C.I.T.).

Staff members arrive at Oconto a week before camp opens for their in-camp training program. They review camp routines and traditions, refresh their skills, and plan great programs for the summer! The week ensures that all the staff members are working well together to give their very best as they take care of, teach and help the campers.


A doctor and nurse are also a part of our full time staff. Health and safety are of course, a top priority at Oconto.



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      Head of Tads
      Head of Chips
      Head of Eagles       Head of Intermediates
      Head of Seniors       Head of QCs       Head of Semis       Assistant Director


Hello Tadpoles!

My name is Emma and I simply cannot wait to be spending my summer with you guys as your Section Head! This is my 8th summer at Oconto and I’m sure it will be the best summer yet! We will have such a great time up on Tad Mountain having awesome dress ups and playing on the playground, and maybe, hopefully (cross your fingers) we will get a visit from the fairies! This past year I have been in my second year at York University studying Biomedical Science and I hope to one day be a pediatrician. Some of my favourite things to do at Oconto are Kayaking in Turtle Bay, singing fun songs at Campfire, making some rad crafts at Arts and Craft and making some super cool sandcastles on Main beach.

I absolutely cannot wait to do these things with all you wonderful gals when you get here! Summer can’t come fast enough!

Hello Chippies!

My name is Shannon and I couldn’t be more excited to be back in Chiptown with you this summer! Camp is my favourite place in the entire world – so much so that they can’t get rid of me… it’s my 14th year at Oconto! When I’m not at camp, I live in Halifax where I study Early Modern Studies and Sociology at the University of King’s College. Although I love living in the Maritimes, nothing could beat spending a summer on the shores of Eagle Lake. I am counting down the days until we’re taking B&Ps together in the summer sun! I love to draw and paint, so naturally, Special Arts is my favourite activity at camp. I also love canoeing, old camp songs, warm fuzzies, and Thursday campfires!

This summer is going to be a blast. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Hey Eags!!

My name is Allison and I am so excited to be your head of Eagles this summer! This will be my 9th year at Oconto and this year I’m hoping to play lots of games, go swimming at least twice a day, and make tons of new friends with all of you super cool Eags! My favourite things at camp include evening programs like clue and zoo escape, all camp campfire, and melt beads day at Arts and Crafts. During the school year, I go to University of Ottawa where I’m studying Nursing.

It’s going to be a great summer and I am already counting down the days until I get to meet all of you!


My name is Emily Pepper and I am so excited to be spending my summer in Int Section (the best real estate in camp!) with all of you! I am in my third year at Queen’s University in Kingston, where I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Life Sciences. I am spending the second half of my school year at Cardiff University in Wales, so expect some Welsh flare in Ints this summer (I don’t know what that means yet but I’ll let you know)! This summer marks my tenth year at camp and I feel so lucky to be spending it with the biggest, craziest section, dancing in the Dining Hall, playing capture the flag and singing about hydration! My aspirations in life include one day becoming a Midwife, having a big family with multiple bull dogs (open to suggestions for names), coming to camp forever, and becoming best friends with all of you!

Mark your calendars people, because summer ’17 in Ints is going to be the whackiest, sweetest summer yet!

Hello Seniors!!!!

My name is Evie Chadwick and I am beyond excited to be your section head this summer! This is my thirteenth year at Oconto, and I have a very good feeling that this will be the best one yet. I can’t wait to jump back into Eagle Lake, get cozy around the campfire, and belt out some mean tunez in the dining hall with you all! When I’m not at camp, you can usually find me nearby in Kingston where I’m studying sociology at Queen’s University, however I am currently in Scotland on an academic exchange at the University of Glasgow! It’s definitely warmer than Canada, but I know once summer rolls around I’ll be happy to be returning to the sunshine at Eagle Lake. My favourite activities at camp include swimming (shoutout to all you future lifesavers!), sailing, and arts and crafts, but I honestly can’t think of an activity that I don’t love. I’m also an especially big fan of tripping, whether it’s an overnight to Blueberry Island or a week-long adventure in Algonquin Park. I love the variety of activities at Oconto, and I’m sure you will all find your own favourite things to do at camp!

I’m super pumped to share some sweet memories with you this summer, and can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!


My name is Ronnie Trask and I am excited to say that I will be your head of section this summer! This summer will be my fourteenth at Oconto and I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way! During the year I am working on my final semester of Digital Media Management as well as my Marketing and Advertising Degree (safe to say I am looking forward to the summer y’all!!!!!). QC’s is such a fun and unique step into new responsibilities, roles, and finding out a lot about yourself and what kind of counsellor you are going to strive to be. It’s a huge leadership and learning process where you are really trying your best and putting yourself out there to be the best future counsellor a lil’ camper can ask for! I’ve got to say that my favourite activity is Kayaking and having all my friends teaching me how to roll! Camp is such a special and beautiful place, returning each year and realizing new things about yourself and who you want to be. My favourite thing about camp is meeting all kinds of people that you may not have the chance to meet back home! A funny camp story about myself is when I was a Chip, I was getting on the bus to go to camp and tried to sneak my hamster on with me! When my mom realized that Strawberry wasn’t in his cage she ran out of her car and stopped the bus!

Words cannot describe my love and passion for camp and I hope by the end of our time together you all feel the same!

Hello semis of 2017!!

I am unbelievably excited to spend an entire two months at Oconto with all of you. As many of you know I’m in my last year of an Accounting degree at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick. University has been a blast but I’m looking forward to some sweet sweet sing alongs and dance parties by the lake before my grown-up working life begins. Becoming a counsellor at Oconto is the best decision I have ever made and I cannot begin to explain how much you will learn this summer and every time you choose to come back to camp. I look forward to getting to know all of you better throughout the summer over B&Ps, sessions in the room, Semi bonding on Thursday nights and everything in between!!!

This will be my 12th summer at Oconto, with my summer as a Semi being one of my favourites! Start brainstorming banquet themes and banner designs and get ready for your best summer yet!

Hello Oconto!

My name is Maddie and I am so excited to back at Oconto this summer as Assistant Director! This will be my 16th summer at Oconto and I truly cannot wait! This year I am completing my Bachelor of Education at Queen’s with the hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher! For fun, I spend most of my time coloring, eating chocolate, or watching cute videos of elephants! At camp I love Sunday Evening concert, rolling kayaks, and dinning hall dance parties!

I look forward to meeting you all and creating amazing memories together!