Camp Oconto Boasts a 4 to 1 Camper to Counsellor Ratio!

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Staff are carefully selected for their ability to understand and nurture each individual. Most of our staff have been Oconto campers themselves.


Our staff are chosen for their leadership skills, maturity and experience working with young people. They are fantastic role models.


Counsellors must have the necessary qualifications for the activity that they teach. For example, all waterfront staff have their National Lifeguard Certification.


Our staff know how to make anything a fun and exciting experience- from canoeing in the rain to making up a dance routine! Music, dance, drama and visual arts are an important part of Oconto’s program.

An Experienced and Prepared Team!

All of our camp counsellors are in their eighteenth year or older and most have completed our two-year counsellor-in-training program (C.I.T.).

Staff members arrive at Oconto a week before camp opens for their in-camp training program. They review camp routines and traditions, refresh their skills, and plan great programs for the summer! The week ensures that all the staff members are working well together to give their very best as they take care of, teach and help the campers.


Health and safety are, of course, a top priority at Oconto. We have two nurses on site, while camp is in session. There will usually be a doctor or nurse practitioner as well.



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      Head of Eagles       Head of Intermediates
      Head of Seniors       Heads of QCs       Head of Semis       Assistant Director


Hello Tadpoles!

My name is Lauren and I am so excited to be your Section Head this summer! This is my 9th year at Oconto and can’t wait to spend it up on Tad Mountain and make it the best summer yet! When I’m not at camp, I’m in Halifax at Dalhousie University studying Biology and History, however, I am currently in Scotland at the University of Glasgow on academic exchange. Scotland has been ranked the most beautiful country in the world, but I think that if they had seen a camp sunset, they would probably disagree! Picking a favourite activity is super hard, but if I had to, I would choose kayaking, sailing and arts and crafts! I can’t wait to dress up, build sandcastles on Main Beach and have a good old Dinning Hall dance party with you gals!!

I am so excited to meet each and every one of you rad Tads, and I’m counting down the days till the best summer ever!


My name is Annie Preston and I am beyond happy to be your Section Head summer for the 2018. This summer will mark my 8th year returning to the Shores of Eagle Lake and I have a feeling it will be the best summer yet! During the year you can find me at the University of Guelph, where I am in my second year studying a Bachelor of Commerce in Leadership and Organizational Management. One of my favourite things about camp is getting to live in the beauty of nature. Getting to realize new things about yourself and who you want to be. Some of my favourite activities at camp include kayaking, pottery, archery and tripping! I love camp with all my heart and have gained soo much from being here. I hope that by the end of our time together, you all will feel the same. This summer I am looking forward to creating new memorizes, campfires, and of course meeting all of you! !

So all Chips Ahoy! and get ready for an incredible summer 2018


My name is Emma Wong and I simply cannot wait to be your Section Head this summer! Eagles is going to be the best! Camp is my favourite place in the world and this will be my 13th year at Oconto! When I’m not at camp, I live in Kingston, where I am currently in my third year of studying Sociology at Queen’s University. Although I enjoy being at school, I would much rather be swimming in Eagle Lake and singing in the Dining Hall with all of you! My favourite activity at camp is the rock wall, my favourite meals are anything pasta-related, and I am obsessed with making seed bead jewelry (ie I can’t be left alone at arts & crafts or else I’ll make 100 necklaces). Also, some fun facts about me: I have over 10 food allergies, I have a dog named Buddy, and another Oconto staff and I have adopted 5 animals from the World Wildlife Fund (and of course they come to camp with us so you can meet them)! Basically, I am obsessed with camp and I’m so excited to meet all of you, make so many fun memories, and chill in the rock garden forever and ever!

Summer can’t come soon enough!!!

Hey Int Ladies!

My name is Emma Zack and I am so excited to be your Section Head this summer! This summer will be my 9th at Oconto and I can already tell it’s going to be the best one yet! This past year I was in the 3rd year of my Biomedical Science Degree at York University and my dream one day is to become a pediatrician. My favourite camp activity is kayaking and I’m hoping to get my friendship roll this summer! (any volunteers?) Get ready for a summer filled with crazy Evening Programs and lots of wacky dress ups!

I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces! Summer can’t come fast enough!!

Hello Senior Ladies!!!!

My name is Shannon and one thing I’m certain of is that camp is my favourite place in the entire world. It is my 15th year at Oconto and I have a feeling that this summer will be the best one yet. I am so lucky to be in Seniors with such a fun and zesty bunch of girls! When I’m not at camp, I live in Halifax where I study Gender + Women’s Studies and Art History + Visual Culture at the University of King’s College. Although I love living on the East Coast, nothing could beat spending a summer on the shores of Eagle Lake. I am counting down the days until we’re taking a sailboat out for a spin, playing capture the flag, and having the times of our lives together in the summer sun. Some quick facts about me: I love Dolly Parton, every single dog on this sweet earth, and Special Arts. This summer is going to be a blast. I can’t wait to meet you all!!!

This summer is going to be a blast. I can’t wait to meet you all!!!

Hello hello QCs!

Ali (pictured right) and Emily (pictured left) here! We are so pumped to be spending the coming summer with you. In fact, we’ve been planning all year long from our lovely little home in Kingston, Ontario. By the summer, Ali is hoping to have snagged a Bachelor of Arts honours degree from Queen’s University, where she majored in Global Development studies and minored in Gender Studies. Two programs she has loved deeply, and could talk about forever. So ask away! Your girl Em Peps will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology and a minor in Life Sciences! She spent most of the year working on her thesis in Developmental Psychology, doing research with cute little babies!! Lucky! Who knows what the future will hold, but for now we are just looking forward to returning to Eagle Lake and all our new friends (that’s you)! Camp is one of our favourite places on this earth, and we both fell truly in love with it in the years transitioning into staff. QCs is such a special year full of new opportunities, new friends and new responsibility! Buckle up you guys because we are about to have a seriously good time.

See you very soon, start composing your list of preferred campfire songs!

G’day Semis!!!

As some of you may remember, my name is Alice Nelson and I am so happy that we get to spend the summer together! After returning from my year-long journey around Australia, I can’t wait to finally be home again at Oconto. I have spent 13 summers at Oconto, but more recently I have been working and travelling around the world. It’s going to be so fun getting to know all of you through our B&Ps and Semi sessions, lounging around in the room, planning the best banquets ever, and of course, beating the QCs in capture the flag!

Get ready to expand your crew of summer sisters!

Hello Oconto!

I’m Maddie and I am so excited to back again this summer as Assistant Director! Heading into my 17th summer at Oconto I cannot wait to be back on Eagle Lake, and vow to finally accomplish my goal of diving of off tower! During the year you can find me as a math and french teacher in Toronto, counting down the days (just like my students) till summer! For fun, I spend most of my time coloring, eating chocolate, or watching cute videos of elephants!

At camp I love Sunday Evening concert, rolling kayaks, and Dining Hall dance parties!