Camp Oconto Boasts a 4 to 1 Camper to Counsellor Ratio!

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Staff are carefully selected for their ability to understand and nurture each individual. Most of our staff have been Oconto campers themselves.


Our staff are chosen for their leadership skills, maturity and experience working with young people. They are fantastic role models.


Counsellors must have the necessary qualifications for the activity that they teach. For example, all waterfront staff have their National Lifeguard Certification.


Our staff know how to make anything a fun and exciting experience- from canoeing in the rain to making up a dance routine! Music, dance, drama and visual arts are an important part of Oconto’s program.

An Experienced and Prepared Team!

All of our camp counsellors are in their eighteenth year or older and most have completed our two-year counsellor-in-training program (C.I.T.).

Staff members arrive at Oconto a week before camp opens for their in-camp training program. They review camp routines and traditions, refresh their skills, and plan great programs for the summer! The week ensures that all the staff members are working well together to give their very best as they take care of, teach and help the campers.


Health and safety are, of course, a top priority at Oconto. We have two nurses on site, while camp is in session. There will usually be a doctor or nurse practitioner as well.



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      Head of Tads
      Head of Chips
      Head of Eagles       Head of Intermediates
      Head of Seniors       Heads of QCs       Head of Semis       Assistant Director


Hello Tads!!!

My name is Erika and I am so incredibly excited to be your Section Head this summer! This year will mark my 10th summer at Oconto and I can’t wait to spend it up on Tad Mountain with all of you! When I’m not at camp, you can find me at the University of Western Ontario, studying English and French. My favourite camp activities are Kayaking, Arts & Crafts, and Canoeing. Oconto is my favourite place in the whole world, and I look forward to many fun dress ups and evening programs. I am so excited to meet you girls and can’t wait to be back on the shores of Eagle Lake building sandcastles, singing songs, and eating marshmallows!

Get ready for a great summer!


My name is Vic and I am lucky enough to spend my 11th summer at Oconto with all you glorious Chipmunks! I can’t wait to reunite with returning campers and meet all of the ladies who are just starting their camp journey. Aside from counting down the days until camp, I spend the rest of my year studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa, so I’d LOVE to hear any crazy cool science facts you guys know! Other than science, I am obsessed with sports and nature and I can’t wait to play and explore with all of you! Any time there is the slightest breeze at camp you can catch me on a windsurf board, and on the other days you’ll find me trying to jump off tower as many times as I can or trying my hardest to turn into a mermaid. I can’t wait to dance, laugh, pull pranks, and run wild & free with you sweet sweet Chip ladies!

Gear up for the best summer ever!

Hey Eagz!

My name is Lauren and I am so excited to be your Section Head this summer! This is my 10th year at Oconto and I can’t wait to spend it in my favourite place and make it the best summer yet. When I’m not at camp, I’m in Halifax at Dalhousie University. By the time summer rolls around, I will have graduated with my Bachelor of Science with Combined Honours in Biology and History. Although I’ll be sad to move away from the East Coast, I’m so excited to move into the Eagle’s Nest and hang out with all of you in the Rock Garden! Picking a favourite activity is super hard, but if I had to pick a few, I would choose Kayaking, Sailing, and Arts & Crafts. I can’t wait to dress up, swim in Eagle Lake and have a good old Dining Hall dance party with you gals!

I am so excited to meet each and every one of you Eagle ladies, and I’m counting down the days till the best summer ever!


My name is Emma and I am so excited to be your Section Head this summer!!! Ints is such a special place and some of my best camp years have been spent in this Section. Oconto is my favourite place in the world and this year will mark my 14th summer! When I’m not at camp, I’m studying at Queen’s University. This spring I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Although I enjoy school, I would much rather spend my time at camp with all of you! My favourite activity is the Rock Wall and my summer goal is to finally get my kayaking hand roll… so if anyone is a savvy kayaker, please let me know! I’m so excited to see all of you, make so many fun memories, and hang out on the porch of Labbett Lodge every single day!!!


Hey Senior Ladies!

My name is Emma and I am extremely excited to be your Section Head this summer! This year will be my 10th at Oconto and I already know its going to be the best one yet! In the spring I will be graduating from York University with a Bachelor of Science and in the fall I hopefully will be headed to somewhere in Asia to teach English. This summer I would love to go sailing with you guys, help you get your kayak rolls, and have some super fun Evening Programs!

I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces!


We are Katie and Emily and we are so excited to be back in QC Land! Something you may or may not know is that we are BOTH experienced Section Heads of QCs, but we are looking forward to doing it together this time around!! Katie is currently living in Ottawa taking some extra university credits (she loves school!!!!!) and working at a Retirement Home. She is hoping to start a career in Occupational Therapy, working with children to help them reach their full potential and overcome challenges. Katie is camp OBSESSED and is beyond excited to be spending yet another summer on sunny Eagle Lake planning an epic QC All-Camp, bonding on the platforms and teaching you everything there is to know about being a counsellor! Emily is currently living abroad in Bangkok, Thailand, working as a Grade 5 Science teacher! She’s looking forward to traveling around Asia, before coming back to Oconto. After camp she plans to return to Toronto and spend time reconnecting with a city she loves! Emily loves babies, the Bachelor, and the QC program! She is excited to run engaging sessions, have some good old-fashioned Dining Hall dance parties and hang out on the QC platforms with all of you!! Katie and Emily are meeting up in Asia in the spring before rollin’ into camp, so get ready to hear about our cool adventures while enjoying some DELISH chicken burgs in the Dining Hall!

Can’t wait!

Hi Semis!

Can you believe you’re going to be Semis this summer? As some of you may remember, my name is Alice and this will be my 15th summer at Oconto! I am so so happy that we get to spend the summer together and I’m already counting down the days until I’m soaking up the sun on Eagle Lake with you all, again! A few quick facts about me: I love flowers, all things colourful, all the Skittles, and anything involving the lake. I cannot wait to get to know all of you through our B&Ps, Semi sessions, lounging around in the room, and of course planning the best Banquets ever!

Get ready to expand your crew of summer sisters!

Hi Camp Oconto!

As you may know my name is Maddie and I am thrilled to be back again at Oconto as the Assistant Director. This summer will mark my 18th year on the beautiful shores of Eagle Lake! I am currently teaching Grade 2 out in British Columbia and am eagerly awaiting being back in the Ontario heat for the summer. For fun, I spend most of my time colouring, eating chocolate, or watching cute videos of elephants! At camp I love Sunday Evening concert, rolling kayaks, and Dining Hall dance parties!

See you soon!