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Hey Ocontonians!

Port Renfrew New Years Day Polar Swim

Hey Ocontonians!

The Port Renfrew New Years Day Polar Bear Swim

We love hearing what you are up to and all of your achievements! Please share with us! We received a great YouTube video from an alumna about a really cool event she has set up on New Years day to raise money for her local community!

Oconto alum Katherine Mann Nutt came to camp from 1966 to 1977 and again last July! Katherine lives in Saanichton, near Victoria B.C. and has a cabin in Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island. For the past 4 years Katherine has organized an event called ‘The Port Renfrew New Years Day Polar Bear Swim’. The swim is great for getting the community out, and working together with vacation visitors to help raise money for the local youth music program!

What a great way to spend New Years day! Not only do you get your first swim of the year but also help a great cause!  If you want to check out the video from this past New Years day polar dip:

Speaking of first swims of the year, here is a photo of our work camp crew a couple of years ago going swimming on the first day!

Port Renfrew New Years Day Polar Swim

That’s all for now! Let us know what YOU’RE up to and you could just be featured on the Oconto blog! Email


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